Francesco Taurone

Francesco Taurone

Master of Science in Automation Engineering
University of Bologna

MSc in Automation Engineering at University of Bologna;
Alumnus of School of Excellence "Collegio Superiore" at University of Bologna;
BSc in Automation Engineering, double degree with University of Bologna and Tongji University in Shanghai;

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MSc Thesis - 3D Object Recognition from a Single Image via Patch Detection by a Deep CNN [pdf]

developed in CVLab Unibo

Distributed Dual Gradient Tracking for Microgrid Control [pdf] [code]

Control of a distributed multiagents system for Microgrid application

Manipulator control with various trajectories and methods [pdf] [code]

Control of a Puma560 manipulator by means of various control techniques

Security camera face recognition [pdf] [code]

Deep learning based face recognition for safety application

Lejos platform project [code]

Path following and obstacle avoidance application using LegoNXT Lejos

Bachelor thesis - AC inductor design [pdf]

AC inductor design for phase shifted power converter

Real time systems project [pdf] [code]

Innovative resolution of the Dining Philosophers problem for an internal university contest

Magna - Platform for meal sharing [pdf] [url]

For the CBI project @CERN, lunch sharing service between students and elders

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